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Hi, my name is Damanpreet Singh and I'm a Lazy Codr.
Mostly I'm experimenting with code.
Have a look around and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or just to say hello :)

Open Source

  1. GnomeExtensionMaximusThree: Removes the title bar on maximised windows.

    A Gnome Extension which removed the title bar on maximised windows. You can find it on Gnome Extensions [link]


  1. Pals-Around: A Social Networking Platform

    A social networking platform where users can post updates, follow users and ability to view the updates (timeline) made using Node.js (express), Mongodb and Docker [code]

  2. Note-Keeper: Organize Your GitHub Stars

    This is a Single Page Web application built using React Js. It uses the GitHub API and provides user feature to add custom tags and notes on user's starred GitHub repositories [Code]

  3. Picsaver WebApp: View and Save Images from Instagram

    A web application the allows user to view and download images from instagram platform built using React Js(front-end), Python(flask) and Instagram API [Code]

  4. Updateme: Daily News Reader

    A web based application which shows daily news to user based user’s interest, using rssFeed of news provider built using Python (Django) and Rss Feed provider (Times of India) [Code]

  5. Healthy-habits Chrome Extension: A Google Chrome extension that gives user some health tips [Code]

  6. Smallify: Social Media Conversion Tool

    Consists of a Url Shortener and provides feature to add custom call to action overlay on links [Code]